Thursday, September 13, 2018

5 Books That Left A Mark, Part Five...

This is it! This is the number one book of my top 5 countdown! I hope you've enjoyed this series of posts. You get to know a little more about me with each one. And if you've left comments, I get to know more about you, as well!

Here we go!

Author: David Eddings

Book Title: The Belgariad (series!)

Why it left a lasting impression on me:

Oh my, again, like with Elf Quest, where to start? Again, another author I discovered in high school. I couldn't read these books fast enough, but never wanted to read TOO fast, because that meant it would all end. Garion and Pol, they were like extended family. The world Eddings created was a rich environment and painted many a great picture in my mind as I read.

I have tried to maintain having all of these books in my library as well, even if I did have to get rid of them to move, I always got them back. This is a series I love to read over and over. I don't usually do that. Once I've read a book, I don't typically pick it back up. But these, I do.

I think it was Eddings, more than any other author, that inspired me to write fantasy. I wanted to create a world just as enticing, characters that felt like family, and when the story was over, you felt as if you were saying goodbye to familiar friends until the next time.

Leave me a comment and tell me about the books that left a lasting impression upon you! I'd love to hear from you!

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