Monday, September 20, 2021

Monday Means Motivation...

 I'm continuing the blog posts of what motivates authors to write. We've talked about it being a way to express yourself. Writing what's meaningful. (And yes, I'm working off a list I Googled.)

Now, let's discuss how our writing can help others.

I'm not talking about JUST writing self help books. Or cookbooks, or step by step manuals to help you rebuild a transmission. All of those types of books are excellent examples of how our writing can help others.

However, fiction writing helps in a lot of ways as well. How? Well, first of all, characters you can relate with. I love reading books where I have a lot in common with the characters. 

If they were teased in high school for wearing hand-me-downs, or being a goofy "reject". I can relate.

If the characters are badass, and stand their ground when push comes to shove, I can relate.

If the characters have been abused, or broken. I can relate.

And I watch how the characters deal with it, how they react and grow from it. And I can relate.

Our stories can help people. Not only show them how to rise above certain situations, but how to do it with sass and style. Our stories give readers an escape, a way to dream about getting out there, either to just get away or to travel or whatever. Our stories help people.

Romance is a big, big writing business. Why? Because people just want to be loved and be treated with respect. (And sex sells.) There's lots of lonely people out there. Either single or in relationships.

Thrillers help readers escape the dull, boring, day after day routines. Murder mysteries make you think and use your brain.

Horror... well, horror just helps you realize that you DON'T. RUN. INTO. THE. HOUSE. And it also teaches you some great escape tactics and trickery.

Whatever it is that you write, somewhere, somehow it will help someone and I can't think of a better motivation to write then that. What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment and have a great week!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well said! Yes, they can help people deal with situations.