Monday, October 18, 2021

Motivation Monday...

 All right, another Motivation Monday!

My last little bit of what motivates authors to write series, this last one is:

To achieve a goal.

What goal are you trying to achieve with your writing? Are you trying to put out a certain amount of books in so many years? Because one of the keys of success to writing is getting your books out there and in a timely manner. (Maybe I need to read this again, take my own advice...)

Are you looking to achieve a certain monetary amount so you can stop your day job and be a full time writer?

Personally, my motivation in this department is to just connect with readers. Even if it is just one, I would like to know my characters made a connection and helped someone.

If your motivation is books per year, how many would make you feel successful in a certain amount of time?

I do know someone who feels they are on a personal deadline due to health issues and feels that they have to be a writing machine in order to put money away so when they're gone, they're still taking care of their family. However, that can sometimes back fire on a person. You can lose sight of things rather quickly if you are just cranking out book after book and not paying attention to anything else.

A reasonable goal for authors would be up to three books a year, but even one a year would be great. A good, steady progress so you are able to take the time to polish your book up and get it out there to sell.

If you have a monetary goal, what is it? Are you looking to become a full time author? Or just enough to have money in the bank for when you retire? Either way, the same still rings true, don't rush it just to get it out there. Take the time to perfect your book, your craft and don't cut corners. Readers appreciate an author who takes the time to envelop them in their world.

Do you have any advice on this topic? Drop a comment below and let me know!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Working yourself to death is never the answer.
I just wanted one book. Soon I will have five!

Mel Chesley said...

That's awesome Alex! You've really grown quite a bit, not just as an author, but as someone who is willing to support other authors. I tip my hat to you, sir! Very proud!