Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Writing Wednesday ~ Walk The Night Pt 2...

Welcome to another Writing Wednesday! Let's continue on, shall we?

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As Brielle continued to walk her neighborhood sidewalk, she spoke to several sex workers that she knew. As Brielle passed by a dark alley, she glanced down, mostly out of habit, but also because she thought she heard something.

Usually, Everleigh would hang out in this particular spot and wait for the unwary passerby to rob them. Perhaps it was still early for her to be out. But when Brielle checked her watch, she frowned, noting that the girl should be here. Deciding to wait, she positioned herself next to the alley and waited to see if her friend showed up.

Like her, Everleigh was an outcast. A Dagrun with nowhere to go in large cities in this day and age. With so much technology taking over the world, it was difficult to hide. Especially if you were sporting the horns of a goat on your head. It was easier for Brielle, being a Blood Witch, she didn't have to worry about not blending in, but she was always tempted to use her powers, even if it freaked out the mundane humans. After all, it was in her blood, it was her birthright and she shouldn't have to hide her skills. When she found out she was adopted and where she truly came from, Brielle felt it was best she leave. At sixteen, she didn't have a plan, but at her age, who did?

A noise from the alley brought her attention back to present and she leaned around the corner.

"Everleigh?" Brielle whispered.

"Yeah," came a muffled reply. Brielle glanced around before ducking into the darkness.

"You all right?" Brielle asked when she saw her friend crouched down, hood pulled up over her head.

"I will be. Just got into it with a fighter. It's just money, they can't take it with them when they die, what do they care?" Everleigh sniffled in the shadows.

"Are you hurt?"

"More of a bruised ego. He clipped my jaw pretty good and then ran away screaming like a little girl when he saw me." Everleigh gave a slight chuckle and stood, leaning against the damp wall of the alley.

"I've got a salve if you need it. Heals bruises up pretty quick. Maybe not egos, though," Brielle dug into her shoulder bag and pulled out a small, silver tin. "You're welcome to it." When Everleigh gave her the side eye, she grinned. "No charge."

"Thanks," Everleigh nodded and held out her hand. She pulled back her hood and began to apply it to her bruised jaw. Her horns were very pretty in the dim light. A slight shimmer gave them an even more ethereal look. If they didn't stick out so far, they could blend in with her dark hair rather well.

"Why don't you wear your hair in ponytails?" Brielle asked, musing.

"Because I'm not five?" Everleigh said, sounding a bit unsure. 

"I mean, you could blend your horns in with your hair," Brielle offered, giving a half shrug. "You'd look like a Draenai."

"A what?"

"Never mind. My geek is showing. You good? You need anything?"

"Nah, I'm doing all right. By the way, there's someone scoping out the neighborhood. Says he's trying to help and knows what we are. He even mentioned you by name. Kinda tall, dark hair, dark eyes. Watch your back, okay?"

"Thanks, I will," Brielle gave a quick wave and left the alley. Knowing someone was out there, looking for her, she felt especially exposed. She pulled up the hood of her hoodie, stuffed her hands in her pockets and continued on her way.

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