Monday, October 25, 2021

Motivation Monday...

 Since I've been back on Twitter with a new account, (@MelMcC7) I have met quite a few new authors; both Indie and Traditional. I've met published and unpublished. I've also directed a few to the IWSG pages, because, let's face it, we ALL need that!

I've seen a lot of questions brought up about things, but one stuck with me:

Should you only write in one genre? If so, how do you choose?

My response was short and sweet. It is Twitter, after all. I said, "Write what you want".

The long answer would have been:

There is no rule that you have to stick to one genre if you like to write in more than one genre. However, you may find that you are particularly attracted to only one genre. How do you choose? You write in all genres until you find one you click with very well.

Initially, for me, I was in love with fantasy and writing it felt like I had found my perfect niche. I would love to continue it, but I realize that I need to work on my description of things. While my first two books in my trilogy are pretty good, I know they can be better and a lot more descriptive about the world I created. But, in my defense, I was brand new to writing and didn't really expand my horizons much.

Several years ago I was approached by a friend because I was dabbling in writing a paranormal witch story and after a while, I jumped right into paranormal without hesitation. Then I wrote a horror piece. And now I love both. I'm working on a whole new series by myself and have been looking to query agents.

Had I not been dabbling in that paranormal story, I don't think I would have made the jump myself into any other type of genre. I was pretty focused on fantasy.

If you don't try anything else, you won't know what you like. Kinda like food, or music or style. Try it all out, find what you love. If you like it all, write it all! There's no rules and nothing is stopping you but you.

Now get out there and write!

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