Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, Sunday...

Sundays are so quiet now. I'm loving this A-Z challenge, but boy does it have me hopping on the internet! I'm very thankful for my new followers/friends. Lee brought us all into the community a little more and I appreciate that! Would have never found half of you otherwise.

I'm trying to follow everyone who is following me. If I haven't dropped by your blog, please leave me a link *points at the lurkers* yes, you too! I'd like to read your blogs as well!

I'm currently revising my WIP: Legend of Black Rose. Fantasy. Yeah, big "Duh". Lol! It's turning out pretty good. I have some snippets ready in the wings to be posted. I have put my synopsis up here. I'm waiting for my query critique to come back before I move on to actually sending it out. I'm nervous as all get out about it. I will be submitting the revised 30 pages to my critique group on the 20th. We'll see!

My sister in law, Cheri, is closer to 100 followers now as well as I am! As soon as we hit that magic number, we'll be having our very first contest! I'm excited, can't you tell?

Hope everyone had a good weekend and hope you also have a good week! I look forward to reading more excellent blog posts in the A-Z. Keep up the good work everyone! And if you have not taken Arlee's award for Prolific Blogger, then do so! You do deserve it for this challenge.


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting your book finished and out there. It must be so exciting :o)

Unknown said...

Aren't revisions fun? ;) I hope your's are well received by your crit group and I can't wait to see your query letter.

I'm having a great time doing this A-Z blogfest and I know I'm going to miss it in May. It looks like there are plenty of upcoming contests, blogfests and interviews to keep us all busy though.


I agree Arlee has done a good job in getting quite a few people together. I wish you well with your book. I have spent today thinking of q words.

Take care.

Mel Chesley said...

Thanks Niki!

Yep, I think we'll still be busy, Mary. We won't be posting every day but we will have our new-found blogs to read.

Yvonne I hear you! I am having some difficulty with Q as well. Heaven knows what Z will bring. :D

Hart Johnson said...

Good for you for waiting for feedback before just flying off the handle with the query! (can you tell I am never that good?) I wish you luck getting it out there, and add my thanks to Lee on expanding this blog network for us. It's been a manic month, but I think Blogging A to Z has brought together a lot of people who might have taken a lot longer to find each other otherwise.

Mel Chesley said...

I agree! I'll be there May 3rd when he wants to recap. In the meantime I keep reading his blog to find others I haven't found yet.

And being Miss Instant Gratification Girl, this is something very hard for me to do... wait. ;)