Monday, September 6, 2021

Monday, Monday Motivation...

 Writing is a process. We all know it by now. But what motivates writers?

Personally, I feel I have always had a better voice in my writing. Even at a young age. Now, what I'm about to tell you is not to gain sympathy, it's just what happened in my life that made writing a more effective communication for me.

When I was a kid, my parents got divorced. Up until that  moment, I was a chatter box. (I still can be, ask anyone!) But after the divorce, I stopped speaking for awhile. I think I felt like my talking too much drove them apart. You know how kids will always blame themselves for certain things. Who knows. But not communicating verbally became a thing. I didn't always speak my mind because I felt that either no one would listen or someone would get mad.

It wasn't until I was in therapy that I learned HOW to communicate verbally by writing down what I wanted to say. In moments of anger or stress, I shut down. My brain couldn't come up with the right words and I would say the wrong thing, get more frustrated and give up, going into deep silence. However, by writing it down and reading off what I wrote, I was able to convey my thoughts and feelings more accurately.

I'm not much of a journaling kind of person, but I did begin writing in a journal a little bit. It wasn't until I began playing a text based online role playing game that I got really good at writing. I've talked about that game before, and how you had to create a story for your character if you were going to be gone for a long period of time. You also got to post up any role playing you did with other people. Most people would just copy and paste the log, but a lot of us would write out the whole thing and add to the stories of the other characters.

By that time, I was hooked into writing because I felt it was the best way to convey everything in my mind and communicate with the written word, rather than verbal. I had tried writing a story prior to playing this game, but it didn't come out much like I wanted, but it was definitely a first time effort. It was good enough to keep me going. That's when I went onto and opened up an account and began to share my stories there and learning how to take the criticism and the praise. That thickened up my skin quite a bit.

So writing is definitely a way to express ourselves as writers and to motivate us. A way to convey our feelings, our ideas. The written word can be very powerful, especially when you have a delete button to edit your conversations.

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