Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And the rest...

Okay, so this is the last installment of my creature creations. I have to get this posted before tomorrow as I begin the blogging A-Z challenge! I look forward to hearing some of your creations. Fantasy, sci-fi, any of them. They're fun and background is just as important for fictional creatures as they are for characters.

Firlochians are also somewhat my creation. They are called giants in mythology but are not really. They stand as tall as the Dargorians, perhaps nine to ten feet tall. Sometimes taller. They are a warrior race, large and muscular but not particularly fast. They are tribal in nature and have blue tattoos to signify ranks and special accomplishments in their lives. However, if they are cast out of their tribes, their tattoos are cut away, leaving them scarred and marked. They must leave their country at once or face execution. The Firlochain tribal leader is the only one who may have multiple wives if he so chooses. Most do not, as the wives will bicker and fight, almost always killing off the weaker ones.

I have to flesh out my Firlochians a little more. They're pretty under-developed at the moment, but I do keep adding to them all.

In the world of Eir du'Brusai, there are numerous other creatures. Humans, Dwarves, Ogres and Goblins. There are slight differences, but overall they are the creatures of folklore and mythology. Gods and Goddesses rule the heavens and the underworlds, their stories are just as unique as their reasons of being called into existence. These will be saved for another time, though.

So these are just a handful of what I've created in the ten years I've worked on my world. I've dedicated so much time and effort into these creatures and their folklore that it is sometimes hard to write about anything else. This is a world full of stories and fun characters and it is sometimes hard to leave. I can only hope that one day I write a book worthy of the world I've created. One word at a time, right?

*Note: This is the 5th installment of my creature creations. Look for these others in my archives starting with Creatures of my World, Kefferlings, Argisindya and These Aren't Keebler Elves

Website Wednesday...

I think I will be a little selfish here. I would like to send you to my website today.

I have lots going on there and do post some of the blogs from here over there. I've been really bad about that lately, though. I have my maps, my characters, my Pantheon of gods and goddesses. I even have my credits, because building this world took more than just myself.

I'd like you to look around, see if things look good. Tell me what can be dropped. I have fun little gadgets there such as a clock, the weather here in Homer, Alaska and even a little Tarot card widget. Might get rid of that, though.

Oh and my artwork. I have drawn up a few characters but have yet to color them and add a background.

Eventually, I will have a little "library" in there. Something with stories and folklore of the world and things like that. Short stories of the characters that you may not (or maybe you will) see in a published book. I'd appreciate any feedback.

I'm also looking for website suggestions. If you have any I should check out (this includes blogs) by all means, drop me a note! I'd like to see what is out there.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chance to win 20 page crit!

Alert! Alert! Seriously... there's an awesome contest going on over at Moon Rat's blog.

Sadly you have until 11 p.m. on the 31st (TOMORROW!!! o.O) to enter! Snap to it before this chance goes the way of the dodo bird. :D

Blogging From A-Z...

I've accepted the challenge. I cannot back out now. So if I am going down, you're going down with me!

Wait, we're not in jail? Oh! Sorry, must have been a high school flashback...

Ahem. So I have just started to follow a blog and the celebratory challenge of reaching 200 followers in addition to posting the 200th blog later on this week is for us to blog the month of April. From A-Z. Easy peasy. Right? Right-O!

Mary McDonald is doing it, the Bombastic Bandicoot (I love that...) is doing it, The Alliterative Allomorph is doing it. If you've done NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) this should be cake.

So take up the challenge, or become part of the cheering section! Either way, it is sure to be... well... a challenge. Pshaw, what did you expect me to say?

Oh yeah, easy peasy. Hehe!

Good luck!

Monday, March 29, 2010

These Aren't Keebler Elves...

Elves, Elves, Elves. Maybe later I will do my best Elvish impersonation. Snarf! Bad joke, I know. These are not the Keebler Elves or the Elves from World of Warcraft. Which, I do have a Night Elf Druid... level 16, yes I am a geek. Lol!

I love Elves. I always have. I think Elves are the most beautiful of the fairy folk. They have a mystery that just draws me to them, I don't know why. So when I wanted to have Elves in my world, I tried to think of what an Elf was to me. Not to other people. While they are fair, they are still human or as human as they can be. So even though my Elves are immortal, they can choose when they die. Don't get me wrong they can still be killed in combat, but if they live on, they don't have to live on forever. When they do die, their essences are returned to the earth, their energy is returned to the rocks and the trees, even the air and sunlight. I do have several different species of Elves, one being the Kefferlings.

The other is Amnis D'thirii. These are Water Elves. They have glistening scales much like merfolk would and if they don't live near water, their scales will flake off and their "thirst" will kill them. So if they travel, they must always be near water or order tubs for special baths. They range from light green in color to dark blue, varying shades of water. Their skin, hair and eyes are the same color only varying in lightness or darkness. If they live near running water, they draw off of the energy the moving water creates and can use it for spells. They can also shape-shift either partially or wholly into water creatures such as merfolk, selkis, dolphins or just plain fish. Their mating is quite different as they don't ever choose to be with one individual. They can have children outside of the Elvish unions, mostly with humans. Once the children are born, the rest of the "tribe" takes care of them and the parent is free to do as they wish. They're restless creatures and do not like to be in one location for very long, yet if they live near water, they usually return to their homes. Most of their time is spent traveling and roaming.

My Quistahn are Ice Elves. They live on a northern continent called Istlandu'us. There is a large lake where an Ice Dragon once lived, but was killed and the carcass remains at the bottom of this body of water. The magic of the Ice Dragon has saturated the water and when the Quistahn arrived, their first drink of the pure water cursed them for the rest of their existence. They are usually various shades of blue in color for skin, their hair is white and their eyes are an unusual shade of blue and seem to glow. All of their weapons are ice based. They make darts of poison that, once inside their enemy, melt and leave no trace behind. They also use crossbows, the tips of their arrows made of the same ice poison as their darts.
When near these creatures, you will feel cold, however no one has been close enough to them for long. They make extremely good assassins because of their special weaponry. When they do travel, they carry a waterskin or vial of water from the lake where they live. The smallest sip will keep them cold and keep the magic of the dragon within. They practice the Elven rituals of mating and children.

Elves in general do abound in this world as well. Taller than most humans, fair in skin and their hair and eye colors encompass the colors of the rainbow and all in between. In major kingdoms, the Elven hierarchy is almost always a Matriarchal society. The Queen rules over all, not always equal with her husband and the first born daughter is the one who inherits. If there is no first born, a wife of a son will usually rule.

*Pic from World of Warcraft.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Its Funny...

Here I am, a fantasy author. I will read practically anything, but my favorite is fantasy. However, I have a confession to make.

My first love was horror. Stephen King knocked my socks off in high school. Pet Semetary gave me the heebie jeebies and to this day, I still can't look at that book without getting chills.

PhotobucketThese days, that book seems tame compared to some of the other horror I've read. I am also a huge horror movie buff. But I get tired of the same old Vampire/Zombie stories. The horror movie has to be good. Scream was really good. My brother, at Halloween, would re-enact some scenes on his front lawn scaring the poo out of (older) kids. It was great! *Insert evil grin here* My daughter has followed in my footsteps as far as scary movies go. She's shown me some pretty cool ones lately that I missed. How could I miss those!?
PhotobucketWhen I fell into fantasy (no, not literally... well, maybe) I read those "Choose your own adventure" books. Later on, I got into the Elf Quest graphic novels. Melanie Rawn and David Eddings became my absolute favorites. I read a lot of Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance. I even wrote a fable in high school (an actual assignment) based off of a Forgotten Realms book I had just fell in love with. Can't remember which it was now, but you get the idea. My second confession is that I did not read Lord of the Rings until the first movie came out. I'm expecting lots of comments on that little tidbit, lemme tell ya. Ha ha!

So why, do you ask, do I have so many horror author friends?? Quite honestly, I cannot explain it either. Lots of my friends have fallen into the Horror Genre. I know very few people on Face Book or even here in the blogging community that write fantasy. If you know anyone in the fantasy genre that I don't know, would you direct me to them please? I'd be delighted.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Give...

Yep, looks like I have finally settled on a background, layout and all that. I'll stop messing around with it now. :D

Nothing important about this blog, just want to wish everyone a good weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


There are several creatures that came up in the creation process that are focused in one area. There is a 100 mile radius that was damaged in an explosion, the destruction of the Mahjii city of Argisindya. In this radius, nothing survived, not even vegetation and it cannot regrow. In the outskirts of this radius, another 15 to 25 miles, magic went "mad", as the locals say. Some creatures as well as inhabitants of the area were transformed while the rest were killed.

In this area lives the Belching Scurvy Knave. This is a hideous looking blue bird with an orange beak. He struts around proudly as if he is a peacock and his mating call sounds like a belch, followed by "Ooh!". This creature was the invention of a friend of mine named Vinnie.

Vinnie had one other creature invention: Fig Bears. Tiny little black bears that absolutely love the juice of berries rather than honey. The only drawback is when they are scared they belch fire. They do fit in the palm of your hand, however and a joke emerged to use them as little furry hand grenades! Yes, yes, animal cruelty did enter our minds but these are fictional creatures. What can I say?

Also within this area where magic went mad are Morigwaiths. They are shadow wraiths of a sort. These were once people, who were going about their daily business when Argisindya was destroyed. The blast hit them so hard it knocked their souls into their shadows as they stood in sunlight. Now they search for someone to take over, so if a traveler comes along to take a nap and falls into shadow, the Morigwaiths will attempt to take over their bodies.

Sort of creepy, but kind of cool. :D Had to throw some dark, scary creatures in there. Next, my favorite of fantasy folk: Elves! And not the kind that work for Santa.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Website Wednesday...

Last week's attempt got derailed horrendously because of my stupid internet. So I will attempt to do this again.

I love creative things, I'm an artist as well as a writer. I live my life thinking outside of the box, so when I come across something unique and fun, I have to share it.

Now, I haven't been to this site in quite some time until my daughter and I were sitting here reminiscing about silly websites we used to visit when she was younger. My favorite YouTube video at the time (and ok... honestly still is) was Charlie the Unicorn. Shun the non-believers!

So along those lines, I would like to introduce you to Bitey Castle Bitey appears to be the last of his kind, or in this current episode, is he? The animation on this site and the creatures are adorable. Bitey can be pretty mean, but he gets what he gives. This latest installment tries to tell you why Bitey is the way he is.

My all time, personal favorite has got to be Prowlies at the River. The Prowlies are funny and cute! But it is more than just the animation. The music (Gaelic in nature, if my ears do not deceive) is awesome. The stories don't usually have much narration or dialogue but the point is always clear. So, visit Bitey Castle. You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Loving the Library Blogs...

I love libraries. I love the revered hush as you step into one, the smell of the books. Yes, even the smell of the books. I'm weird, but you should have figured this out by now. Right?


I'm loving the blogs that love the libraries. I really wish I had thought of donating a dollar for every comment I got. Like over at Taffy's Candy or over at Jennifer Hubbard's blog. Christine Bryant posted about it as well, here.

I've done some volunteering at the small library here in Homer, Alaska. Personal things made me stop, but I still like to help and support the library. When I first moved here I had some strong goals. I had joined up with a friend of mine from Publish America and together we formed Word Weavers. I contacted every author I knew through WW and asked them to donate books to me. I stopped, due to my issues with Publish America. I felt a little ashamed.

At any rate, I did donate a huge amount of books for them to sell. They have a bi-annual book and plant sale. I also hosted a few young adult writing groups. I enjoyed it a lot. I also tried to start up a Dungeons and Dragons event, but could not garner enough time for it. I had lots of interest though!

Libraries, to me, are a sanctuary. I adore them, but find that I don't utilize them as often as I should simply because I tend to forget to return the books. (Insert look of shame here.) I'm the same with rented videos, so thank goodness for Netflix and no late fee charges. Heh! I'm in love with books. So of course I want to horde them. I go buy them instead, so I don't rack up thousand dollar late fees at the library. (Okay, so I would never hit the thousand dollar mark, but I could!)

I want to carry out mine and Cheri's plan with our blog followers. We've got goodies stacking up while we wait to hit the magic number of 100 followers each. You can follow hers here. She has a book coming out later this year called "The Peasant Queen". It is a YA fantasy/romance and I'm itching for a copy of it to be in my hot little hands! I'm so excited for her. I want to throw her a super huge blog give away when it comes out. So maybe we'll tack on some funds for the libraries in between now and then. However, I need your help! Can't do it til we finish our first initial plans and that means getting to 100 followers *each*. Follow mine and follow hers. Link, post, we'll give you chances to earn extra entries! We want people to win fun, silly stuff. Especially now, in this economy and drab times. (I promise I will not go into a political least not here!) We need a little fun to Spring Into Reading! So go on... follow us!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Now, some of the creatures I've created are pretty normal. Tweaked here and there, of course. I do have to give credit to my friends who helped me with this stuff. Lynn, Karen, Larry of course and lots of my LoC friends. (Legends of Cosrin) I have a whole Credits page on my website, here.

So, Kefferlings. Pronounced Kehf er ling. Sorry, I do this as phonetically as I can. Onetta (Aun's best friend) is a Kefferling. These came into being through two friends of mine, Karen and Lynn. Lynn played a Kefferling in Cosrin and Karen came up with the name. Basically, they're Elf Cats.

There was a tribe of Wood Elves that a Mahjii (Wizard in Eir du'Brusai) was battling. He cursed them all, casting a spell that turned some into cat-like creatures and turned others into dogs. While the dogs were turned all the way, the Mahjii was killed before the spell finished. Those who were turned into cats kept the majority of their Elven features. While they were still humanoid in appearance, they gained tails, fur and even feline ears and facial features. Their noses were feline as were their eyes, but their mouths were not. Some had striped fur while others had calico markings. They also gained retractable claws. They are very agile, curious like cats. They can purr and mewl when content or frightened, they growl and hiss when fighting. Kefferlings have kept their Elvish habits as far as mates and children, they can have only one child and only if they've been properly united by an Elvish Priest or Priestess.

I enjoy writing about the Kefferlings like you would not believe! Mainly because I have cats, I can watch them and incorporate their actions into my Elf cats. Very, very fun! Let's see... next will be... oh yes. The Belching Scurvy Knave. He'll be fun. Lol!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Creatures of my World...

I have a portfolio on under the user name Caledonia Lass. I subscribe to a few newsletters there and the Fantasy one asked about creatures, world creation and things like that. So I am going to share my creatures here. Since I have several different types of creatures, I'll just pick one per post.

I have some of the usual ones. You know, like Dwarves and Elves. Things like that. Hey, it is Fantasy you know. While I have several odd creatures I've created, it proved to be a task not unlike character development. You need to create a background for some of them as to how they were created or what happened to create them. Others are just there and undiscovered like the creatures of our world. Folklore is often used to point people in the direction of the creatures, but sometimes folklore isn't always accurate.

Let's begin with my Dargorians. These came about through a brainstorming session with my husband. In my world of Eir du'Brusai, there is a "shattered continent". (I have yet to draw it out on my map) It is named due to the meteor that crashed into it causing islands to form in the ocean in a somewhat perfect circle surrounding the crater. On these islands there were dragons and over the years, they developed into humanoids called Dargorians. Dragons still exist in their original form in other areas of the world as well. While Dargorians follow the traditional dragon types, i.e. Crystal, Amethyst, etc., they have "human" qualities. Qualities such as speech in their own language as well as common languages. Their snouts have shortened so they can manage this speech. Their talons extend out like fingers, some of their scales are softer and more malleable enough to be braided like hair. When they take a mate, they mate for life and usually die directly after their mate. The bond they share is akin to "soul mates" as they feel what the other feels, share thoughts. They stand over nine feet tall and walk on two legs rather than four, they can fly and are very philosophical in nature. They're often very curious creatures and pour over tomes and scrolls to learn as much as they can. Typical dragon behavior. Sort of.

One in particular is my favorite. Her name is Aun. When she stands before people, she will fold her wings around her like a cloak. The two claws at the outer edge of her wings will hook together to form a clasp. She has a mane of softer scales and are usually braided and adorned with jewelry. Aun cannot belch fire, but she can emit a sonic scream that rips the flesh from her adversaries. Because of her scream, she does not speak like some of the others. Instead, she uses telepathy to communicate. Even a chuckle from her would hurt those around her, so she has to be very careful. She's shy, she's quiet. She doesn't like to be around people, so she'll hide out in shadows, on rooftops and keep to herself. Her best friend is Onetta, who happens to be a Kefferling. Which will lead me to those creatures next time. :D

Have any favorite creatures you've either read about or created yourself?

Friday, March 19, 2010

More Updates...

Wow, getting some awesome responses for our little give away. I'm so happy!

I also wanted to clarify a little bit here, that my sister in law, Cheri Chesley has her own separate blog. So if you follow mine, follow hers as well. We do lots of things on a joint effort here. She's a mom of 5, I have one teenager living with me. She's got lots going on in her community, I spend days in PJ's. She's got a book coming out soon, I'm still in the revising stage. ;) All in all, we're family and we help family.

So our little contest we're doing is to boost our followers to 100 each. She or I could have been selfish and just said, "gimme 200 followers and I will give you stuff!" Nope, doesn't work that way, not with us anyway. Hehe!

So here's a couple of little clues as to what we're giving away once we each reach 100 followers:

A Mystery Package - Includes Mystery genre books + goodies.
A Fantasy Package - Includes Fantasy genre books + goodies.
A Romance Package - Includes Romance genre books + goodies.

Don't know if that piqued your interest, since I didn't give much away. I'm silly like that. So again: Follow my blog AND follow Cheri's. Get us to 100 followers each so we can give these fun little packages away!

Thanks to all who have joined so far! You're awesome. :D

*Note: I do click on my followers and follow your blog in return, just so you know. I'm doing this to find more writing blogs as well! Thanks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Wanna Give Stuff Away!

I had some technical difficulties with my internet yesterday. For whatever reason, it decided to let just one person on at a time. The problem was either my modem or router. Still don't know which...

I digress. As usual. I do that a lot, don't I? Of course I do, I wouldn't be me if I didn't get sidetracked on some tangent that has nothing to do with the original title of this post...

Did it again, didn't I?

OK! This time I stick to the topic. We wanna give some stuff away, baby! We does not mean I have a mouse in my pocket. It does mean me and my sister in law, Cheri. (Look, I spelled it right this time)

Cheri and I are wanting to (Sorry, got sidetracked by "Friends") give some prizes away, but we don't want to have our drawing until we each reach 100 followers. This will include FaceBook followers, the ones you see below the other followers, you know? Okay, cool, I didn't want to have to explain further. Hehehe... just kidding. Anyway, as soon as the two of us reach 100 followers each, we're going to have a drawing. But I won't tell you the prizes yet. That's for another post. Have to keep you all reading somehow, don't I?

So pass this around, tell your friends, we'll tell our friends and we'll keep networking like we do. We're good at that. And as soon as we reach that magic number, we'll be sure to let you know!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Awesome Contest...

I follow a blog by Beth Revis, who recently got a book deal for her books. Mind you... bookS with a capital 'S' because more than one got accepted. I found out through Elana Johnson and then I shot on over to Beth's blog, discovered I hadn't been following her blog (doh!) when I thought I was and became a follower. Now she's going to have a give away in celebration of her books.

If you haven't clicked on the link above yet to check out just exactly what she's giving away, boy... you better! It's going to be cool and I am excited because I want to know what her "sekkrit" prize is. :D (Love her spelling for it.)

So go, what are you sitting around here for, still?

Monday, March 15, 2010

"Breaking the Mold"...

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you title it? And why?

For me, it would be called "Breaking the Mold". Why? Because I honestly feel like I am not like a "typical" person, specifically a typical woman.

I actually did a poll on last year. I polled 100 women specifically (I have yet to write the article without sounding snarky) and asked them, "What are five things you hate most about other women?" The responses generated were well, less than flattering. Hence the reason I am having issues with the article.

While going down the responses and ticking off like ones, I sort of made a checklist and realized that I didn't have a lot of those qualities. I'm not trying to brag, but I am really, really thankful I am not like some women out there. I'm often told I am not like most people. My husband thanks me daily for being me, especially after having witnessed some other woman's outburst.

So yes, my book would be titled "Breaking the Mold". What would your title be and why? I look forward to hearing your comments.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Excellent Advice...

I had some great advice given to me. Something I have not heard in a very long time.

I found a critique group. I had submitted my first fourteen pages or so for a critique and held my breath. I have been revising my Legend of Black Rose story for some time. I handed it off to a few Beta readers and friends, then waited for feedback. I got feedback, stripped it down to the bare bones, trying to get a feel for what I wanted to do with it. I'm now working on my third (or is it fourth?) revision. I've lost count. Not a big deal, I'm still struggling with it.

So when I plopped the first pages into the critique group, I felt absolutely sure they were trying to figure out how to politely tell me that my writing sucks. Really.

Over the course of many years, I have changed a lot in my writing, but my style. My style is my own... I don't even really know how to describe it. I've grown and progressed, I feel, a lot. A few things I have been told are that I change tense in the middle of a sentence and my comma usage is horrendous. I have also been told I use "was" an awful lot. So I worked and concentrated on those things, worked on a few areas that were considered problems. In the end, I began to scrap the creative stuff.

So what advice was given to me? To slow down and build the world I've worked so hard to create. I'll be honest, I don't think word counts dangle over me like Damocles Sword. I am afraid that I won't get to the point of the story in time, that I have to rush the plot. I'm not afraid to have a series of books dedicated to one story. (I actually have plans for that on the second book I've put on hold.) I am an instant gratification kind of girl and would like to see the entire story laid out quickly, poof, there it is, done! Sure. In my fantasy world, maybe, but not in this reality.

I thank you, Michelle, for reminding me of what I started - that my story is going to take time, no matter how many books or how many words. It will be done when it is done. That goes for most writers, fantasy being the exception as well as sci-fi. I have a really interesting world and I am just excited to share it. I'm learning patience, it is a hard lesson, but I am learning it just the same. :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Website Wednesday:

I almost forgot I had planned to do a Website Wednesday blog. See? I knew I'd practically forget! However, I happened to be sitting here, reading the current blogs I follow and said, "Gah! It's Wednesday! What am I going to feature??"

Happily enough, I had the answer already opened up in a tab.

I love the magazine Real Simple. It is full of yummy recipes, quick household solutions, de-cluttering gadgets under $10 with the websites as well! So what did I stumble across this time? Well, I like wine. Not whine... wine. :D

I found this website inside the magazine: Red Truck Wines I wish I could call myself a wine connoisseur, but I am far from that. I do know what I like, what I can do without. I absolutely adore the cute mini cask on this website and would order one just to have the barrel. I'm weird that way. My husband likes wooden boxes of all varieties, I like cute little things. Different things.

I know a lot of people don't drink much anymore, but a good half glass of a red wine is good for you. One a day, one a week, just don't overdo it. I'm not trying to promote drinking or even alcoholism. Drink in moderation, don't drink and drive EVER! However, even if you don't drink but know someone who would appreciate the gift, check out the website.

I promise I will try to have next week's post better planned!

Don't forget to check out this post: Here or Here

Monday, March 8, 2010

BIG Contest Coming Up! Get Your Say In NOW!

You have two fantasy authors, same last names, sisters in all but blood. So what do we do? Okay, well aside from plot, plan and prepare to cause complete and utter Chaos (I'm Chaos...she's Complete... lol) We want to have a contest of our own.

I don't want to jump on to the Blog Give Away bandwagons just yet, mind you. I'd like to let the ones running have their fun.

However, to prepare you all, we'd like to hear from you! Yes... you, the one hiding behind your computer monitor and now looking over your shoulder to see who I am speaking too... We want to know what you think is a cool prize. Sky's the limit! Okay, maybe not the sky per se, but at least, well, maybe as far as the treetops?

Drop me a line here or post on my sister-in-law's blog about what you'd like to win. You'll have the opportunity to get multiple entries into our drawing. First we want to hear from you what you'd like to win. Cash? Gift Cards? Sorry, I can't offer up any plumbing or heating services. Weather control is out and I lost that recipe for the love potion YEARS ago... Hehe!

So, get ready to Spring Into Reading! Tell us what you want. You can come out from behind your monitor now, I'm done.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Wow, I really have to try and stop starting my blogs with "So..." Funny, I talk that way too. :D

Anyway, (let's try that shall we?) I had a conversation with my daughter yesterday. She and I were talking about music. I caught up with a friend of mine on FaceBook and we got to talking. He plays bass guitar in a band and sent me to the MySpace Music page. (I'll be giving you all the link here shortly) In return, I sent him to my daughter's YouTube page.

My kid is pretty musically inclined. I cannot wait to share her song she's been working on with a friend and had recorded in a studio. We got on the subject of being a non-competitive player in our "industries". Don't we sound intellectual?

Writing is a competitive field. So is music and I'm sure movies and the like. I told her, there is a way to promote yourself and not be overly competitive at the same time. Promote others. She recently spoke to a girl at her school who is apparently a pretty awesome photographer. She commented on my daughter's "style" and asked to hang out with her, show her some things and in return, this girl would show her things as well. The girl mentioned something about trying to get over her competitiveness.

I will promote anyone who wants it. While I am far from being a mind reader, if you ask me outright to help, I'm your girl.

With that being said, I'm going to link my friends MySpace Music page at the end of this post. Mind you... I listen to lots of different music. I don't have a specific genre, if it has a good beat and inspires me somehow, stirs something within, I like it. I like anything from Bach to Insane Clown Posse (although I have to be in the mood for ICP more often lately... I must be getting old!). Don't hold my musical tastes against me. :D I certainly won't send you off to a site, though, that has explicit lyrics. **Please note, there are some graphics on the site that might offend.** These guys are really, really good. If you happen to like their music style, please tell your friends. If you have teenagers, let them listen, so they can tell their friends. :D Of course, that call has to filter on down through the parents.

So, as promised, the link: PKA Band

Again, anyone who would like me to promote something here, just ask. I won't know til you ask. Hope you enjoy the music. By the way, thanks Travis!!! :D

Friday, March 5, 2010

Post # 40...

Nothing very exciting, even for my fortieth post! Mostly bummed that two and a half feet of snow dumped on us overnight.
So I am stuck inside today, probably tomorrow as well. I will have to go back to editing, reading and drawing. I'm trying to incorporate some design elements into the character drawings I've done. I have to change the race of another.
I've touched base with some old Legends of Cosrin friends. Perhaps I'll jump into the game to get my Muse up and running. They'll recognize characters I've worked on, listed in an older post.
Wow, so no creative flair to the title, nothing spectacular in this post. I suppose I am writing to write, to get my fingers used to the keyboard. My husband makes fun of me when I am writing, how fast I type. It always amazes him at how quickly my fingers can tap things out on the computer. Especially when I am on a roll!
It's a snow day today, not just for school, but for work as well. With all the snow that dumped on us, we're having to borrow a snow blower from our friends. I don't mind the snow, really. I guess I'm ready for winter to be over. Most everyone is who lives up here. We work all winter towards spring and summer, we play and work hard before winter. By the first snowfall, everyone is ready to settle in. It takes some time before everyone gets a little stir crazy.
Of all the places I've lived, Alaska seems to be the hardest working group of people. I've done things up here I would never have thought of doing in any other place I've lived. I actually used a sled to bring groceries down our road. I walk on slick roads with a ski pole to avoid slipping and falling. Maybe I should get out my daughter's snowboard... I'd probably break my neck!
Well everyone have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey, this is my 39th post. I didn't think I would blog enough to get to 39, but, well... there it is!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has checked out this blog, followed it and have also checked out my website. It shows that my long hours of hard work are paying off and I appreciate the heck out of that!

These past few weeks have connected me with some very like-minded people. I'm enjoying myself! Now I wish I was published so I could do an awesome Thank You contest or something to that effect! You all are the best and just remember, I support you in return.

Everyone have a good weekend if I don't post #40 before then!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Website Wednesday:

All right, it is that time of the week again. Sorry, half the day is gone for me. I stay up so late, I get a late start. In retrospect, I should have posted this last night with the other.

Anyway... I want to share some blogs I've been following. Yes, blogs are just informational little websites chock full of fun! Eh, we can agree to disagree. At the end I will post an actual website. :D

I have lots of blogs I follow. There is one out there that I think can help any writer, new to the craft or an old hand. Elana's blog. She's got a great book out called "From the Query to the Call". I have recently purchased it. She's also very good at making you send out said queries. Her post today, I felt she truly was pointing her finger at me to get a move on! I swear, I will!

Annette Lyon is yet another lady with a helpful blog for writers. Easy to understand help with grammar, punctuation and her Word Nerd Wednesdays are to die for. She's got an incredible talent and an incredible wit.

There are others that I follow. My sister-in-law's blog of course. She has one where she does book reviews and a Mommy Blog as well. (She's the mother of five and still finds time to write! C. Michelle Jeffries has 6 children! These women are amazing, I tell ya!)

Some of the blogs I read are for fun and I like to leave comments. But not all the time. I do love Melissa Cunningham's blog. She's got a crazy sense of humor like me and I can't wait to meet this woman someday.

For the most part, everyone shares their trials and tribulations in their blogs. Their writing, their home life and the sort. Writers are not to be glamorized. We all sort of live like little hermits while we write. It is a challenge for some to go out into the world and mingle with normal people. We share our rejections, pull ourselves up with our bootstraps and soldier on. We literally put our blood, sweat and tears into our work. Okay, maybe not literally with the blood... ew! Unless of course, you get cut by your keyboard...

Last week I steered you over to Absolute Write's site. Make sure you do your research with them. Make sure you check out the Preditors & Editors. (There is a site for the P&E list)

This week, I think I will send you over to Creative Writing Prompts. Their site has dozens upon dozens of ... you guessed it! Writing prompts! Might help kick start that Muse who's been sleeping under your chair. Don't forget to hand her a towel for the puddle of drool she's left behind.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it! Have any website suggestions? Feel free to pass them on!

In the Wee Hours...

Yes, I'm sure you have figured out by now that I tend to blog in the very wee hours of the morning.

It is after 3 a.m. here, the house is silent except for the cats running, playing in the paper of a box left for them. Everyone else is asleep. This is when I do my best thinking. During the day, the house is empty, but interruptions come in the form of phone calls. Yes, I will make a payment to that bill tomorrow. No, I cannot donate to the Police Department at the moment. Unless you'd like to pay my electric bill for me? Didn't think so.

I do a lot late at night. Speaking of, my website URL has changed to www(dot)mlchesley(dot)webs(dot)com. Everything else is pretty much the same on the site. I will peruse it tomorrow at my leisure and if anything is missing, I will replace it.

I realize I am lucky to have this quiet solitary time to myself. My kids are teenagers, the cats... well the cats will fend for themselves. I've always been a night owl. I enjoyed working graveyard, but it was difficult when the kids were younger.

I have found a critique group (thanks Michelle!) and am currently going through earlier chapters to keep up with the ones up for crits. If I have no idea about the story, I certainly cannot be expected to give sound advice for the next segments.

If I were to go back to school, I'd probably work my way into an editing career. The written word is just fascinating when it is spun in certain ways.

This blog was more of an update rather than having much useful information in it. I didn't want people to go to my website and find that the site no longer existed. It does, just under a different URL. Hope everyone has a good Wednesday and oh yes, I have another blog to post later, don't I? Hooray! Busy, busy, busy.